27 August 2017

X-Wing : Lessons In Space

David and I had a few free hours Saturday afternoon and got together for some X-Wing. He'd made a bit of a change to his rather competitive Decimator list he did well with in Statesboro. Conversely, I took the knowledge I gained  during that tournament and put a "strong" list together myself.

I decided upon two souped up Scum ships - Kath Scarlett and IG-88C. I paid very close attention to upgrade and ability synergies. Blah blah blah - all that crap the serious players harp on about. David's change was dumping Vader and replacing him with three low-end TIEs - more targets, more shots, more damage capactiy.

Early on, I thought I'd get fancy and hit the air-brakes with IG-88. The Decimator's chosen maneuver couldn't have been more perfect.

The Deci changed IG-88 into a corner. I managed to get out easily enough - the Aggressor is extremely maneuverable and fast. The Deci, on the other hand had to slow-roll it.

The downward spiral began; Kath Scarlett got caught on that asteroid between IG-88 and the Decimator, taking a point of damage. At range 1, the Decimator managed four hits, finishing off half of my group. Ugh. Not to be outdone, the Deci was then flown onto an asteroid to kill it off! 

The Aggressor and remaining TIE fought for a round or two, eventually the bounty-hunting robot finished off the Imperial lackey.

It was a very entertaining game and as it turns out, I can put together a very cheesey, competitive list. David's changes were solid - the three TIEs are a massive distraction from the effort of trying to kill the Decimator. Personally, I think it's better tool than a single Vader. I like the way my group performed. I to test them out against Ziggy - he's a very different player whose lists tend to be quite nasty.

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