12 August 2018

Gone in 60 Seconds - A Brief Check Your 6: Jet Age AAR

Ziggy and I played a quick game of CY6:JA on Saturday evening. The scenario I selected was Recon: Escort from the MRB. I ended up with the South African forces - two Mirage F.1s escorting a Canberra which was on a reconnaissance mission in Angolan airspace. Ziggy had two Angolan/Cuban MiG-21 interceptors.

Some past-padding
So, our fighters got close and began the twisty-turn. My wingman took a rather optimistic long-range gun shot at Ziggy's flight leader and scored a hit resulting in airframe damage.

Hey, howyadoin?
Desperate to make something happed, Ziggy attempted an extreme maneuver with his lead plane. The airframe damage forced a pilot skill check which he failed. The Fishbed went out of control and plummeted into the scrub below. A moment later, our planes were positioned as shown above. The Mig missed its gunshot, while my lead (with the blue base) connected with his gunshot. Again, airframe damage was the result.

Ziggy was ready to call the game, but he actually had a good line on the Canberra at this point and we played one final turn to see if he could salvage it. 

He took a gun shot from 5 hexes and jammed the guns! He hit the afterburners and bugged out.

That was the first time Z has ever not won a game of CY6. It was also the first time he'd flown Warsaw Pact equipment, not that that would have made an ounce of difference. His Migs were better in all regards to the Mirages I was flying. It's better to be lucky than good and yesterday I had the luck.

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