16 September 2012

Some finished work

OK then, three platoons of infantry knocked out along with a handful of AFVs. Not bad for a Saturday afternoon, not to mention the two terrain pieces I finished up as well.

I'm quite happy with the results. The barrels on two of those tanks lend themselves well to shooting around corners, but I'm way past that. I've got 8 more infantry stands and 10 stands of bikes and trikes halfway done. Barring major interruptions, I could conceivably finish them today. I have another piece or two of old terrain that I'll probably re-paint to match the new pieces in the pictures. Those weird barnacle-ey things on the piece on the left are rather large barnacles my kids harvested once upon a time - they thought they would make cool "something or others" for one of my games. They were right! I've got many more so they'll probably become a common feature of the planet we'll be fighting over.

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