21 September 2012


Trying to figure out some sort of gaming for tomorrow - Junior and I may still horse around with Dirtside or HoTT. His HoTT stuff just needs to be based. If nothing else, I'll putz around with a custom storage tray for my 1/600 aircraft. I've got a plan and just need to make the thing. And there's football. I'd play a FoW game on Sunday but life has already interfered with that prospect. Plus I'm gradually approving less and less of FoW. I'm considering selling off an army. I wouldn't mind freeing up some space, plus I have enough of it as is.

I also primed the planes I got in recently so I'll see how far I can get with them. On that topic, I don't know what kind of metal Oddzial Osmy (picoarmor.com) uses to make their miniatures but the stuff is strong. Submarine strong. I turned an Xacto blade into a serrated blade cleaning up the planes last night. Granted, their models are very clean but the flash that is there takes some significant effort to remove.
'Twas new when first I cut upon the F-18s. the A-6es and MiG-23s. Xacto is not a Dwarven company.

Ordered some custom tokens and some bases from Litko. Damn they make the coolest stuff. If you aren't already in the routine of ordering custom things from them, you just ain't gaming.

Fact: It is easier to name 10 characters from Star Wars than it is to name 1 character from Avatar.

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