05 September 2012

Mid Week

Bases for my HOTT stuff showed up yesterday and I was able to get most of my Narnians done up. I need to mount the eagles on their bases and they'll be finished. My son is making slow progress on his Soviets - his infantry are done and need to be based. He's a bit more than halfway done with the plane. I need to pick up a couple tanks and an artillery piece for him.

I also picked up a few oddballs to make a "Halloween" HOTT force together. Purportedly, these were for my wife who is a big fan of all things October 31st. I just wanted to paint something different. I'll get some werewolves, ghouls and such as time goes on.

I got an email from Hobbytown up in Atlanta today about some upcoming FoW tournaments - a late-war in October and a mid-war in November amongst other. I'd rather do the mid-war, but I guess it depends on the little lady and whether or not Zig can make one or the other. I think my occasional nemesis Jose from Alabama is already signed up for the late-war tourney. I wouldn't mind another chance at smashing up some of his stuff.

Finished up the eagles...

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