21 October 2012

A Murder!

Well, this certainly falls into the "and stuff" department. Saturday evening we did a "How to Host A Murder!" I bought the kit "An Affair to Dismember" back in June and sent out invites in July, so this had been planned for a while now. Two of the invitees, a married couple "forgot" the date, so I - originally just going to buttle and chef - ended up playing one of the parts and I called my mom to fill in the remaining female role. Ain't moms wonderful? It's been 20+ years for me and mum since we played one of these so we were all novices and things went a tad roughly to begin. After 30 minutes or so, once the booze had time to soak in, we were all chatting it up hurling accusations and questions back and forth. It was an absolute blast. We will definitely be doing this again. And now for the pictures...

My wife as Angela Deth, DDS

Ziggy and Randal as Hannibal Lecter and Asthmadeus, Prince of Dimness

Jami as Lizzie Bordeaux

Mum, as Aretha Garlique a Gypsy, Shelley as Glumda the Witch and me in the back as Balihi, the Rogers and Hammerstein Monster (out of dress since I was only supposed to be hosting).

Poring over our dinner and round three instructions.

Dennis as Aldrinktotat the Mummy holding a candle for my mom so she can read.

Quite the coven

I'm out of town in Charlotte, North Carolina this week at a Citrix training class for work. I found a game store up here that's has Malifaux running on Wednesday evening so I may swing by and check that out.

Be well!

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