13 October 2012

Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

Junior and I took Flying Lead out for a spin this evening and had a quite enjoyable battle.

The scene: October 13, 1960 near the Chatham / Effingham county line north of Savannah. 4:00pm. The Georgia National Guard has been put on alert - something has been spooking old man Kessler's cattle for the last week or so and the FBI has reason to believe the problem is not of this world. Lieutenant Callahan is patrolling with a squad of weekend warriors when they come across something they never expected.

National Guard OOB:
2LT Callahan Q3C3 Pistol, Leader
Bazookaman  Q4C3 Bazooka
Loader Q4C2 Carbine
5 Riflemen Q4C2 Semi-Automatic Rifle

Grey Aliens OOB
Mul'der  Q3C3 Ray Pistol
2 Alien Riflemen  Q4C2 Raygun
6 Alien Troopers Q4C2 Ray Pistol

The layout. We're using the SOBH board I made for Gnomecon. It's 24x24. The aliens on the board are not where they will be starting.

A view down the creek.

My starting positions. Lots of rifles on my left and the bazooka "sniper" on the right. The bazooka was nothing special in this game with no vehicles. He is a better shot than the other guys though.

The invader's setup. They are all in the woods. The saucers are really just scenery but became important a bit later in the game.

Two Greys take up positions on my far right. One has overwatch on the bridge. 

The guard moves up. The bazookaman goes prone - indicated by the silver marker.

Riflemen take shots at targets across the river. Two hits!

We decided that the aliens could drag their wounded back to the saucers for first aid. Junior did just this. His trooper that crossed the road into the graveyard takes up overwatch on the bridge.

The lone alien rifleman (the other was wounded and currently being tended to) takes aim at PFC Jones.

Gene gets a neat little hole through his chest.

Another raygun blast hits home - Private Stephens is wounded badly.

"Bear" lines up a rocket at one of the scum on the bridge and knocks it out of action!

But the aliens are trying to make off with the body of Jones! What kind of monsters are these?

Lieutenant Ricky Callahan rushes forward with his .45 blazing, catching the alien square in the chest, sending it sprawling on the asphalt.

But the other alien rifleman forces Callahan to hit the deck.

Bear looses another rocket and blasts the vermin. Another one out-of-action!

But the honorless alien leader slowly stands and carefully lines up a shot, disintegrating Callahan. Bear, the Loader and one other rifleman, PVT James Simmons fled back. Clearly, more firepower was going to be necessary.

So, the Greys won, the out-and-out kill on my leader pretty well decided that. My guys were so close to my board edge that any flee result meant they were off the board. We both had a good time. Next time we'll add in the rules for vehicles and maybe add in the tank or jeep and the alien robot.

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