04 October 2012

In The Works

I've gotten the 1/600 planes painted this week. I'm still waiting on the folks at Litko to ship the bases. I love their stuff but dadgum do they take forever to ship an order. They give warweb a run for the title for sure!

I've also gotten going on some MSH infantry reinforcements for the Poles and Germans. I ordered 3 Mi-8s to transport to Polish Air Assault battalion too.
The Last Square is easily one of the best miniatures sources out there. http://www.lastsquare.com They have good prices and phenomenally fast shipping. I ordered these Monday. Arrived Thursday.

I was going to put some pictures of this stuff on the site but WIP pictures are never terribly interesting. Bare-metal = fun. Painted minis = fun. Primed and 40% done = don't we all have enough of this on our painting tables? Why am I looking at someone else's unfinished work?

I also may have ordered some Greys. I've let the spacemen project idle too long.

Gaming is going to be lean for a few weeks - we've got all sorts of family things going on - fall festivals, weddings, blah blah blah.

Until next time...

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