11 January 2013

Just an update

I've got a game of Shipwreck planned for next week Sunday, the 20th. Looking forward to that. The guy I've arranged the game with is bringing ships - it sounds like it'll be Turks v Greeks or Japanese v Ruskies. Either way, I'm stoked. I'm going to try to drag Ziggy along since Shipwreck is definitely a "the more the merrier" game. I wish my order from Skytrex would hurry up and get here so I'd have some boats to paint.

I've been working on Shipwreck scenarios this week. I don't like the idea of simply blowing up the other guy's boats. Ha - flash of inspiration just now! I'm going to go look at Star Fleet Battles scenarios and see what ideas I can steal.

I got a bit of painting done this week - finished up three of my Infinity Myrmidons. Here are a couple of bad photos:

It's my little guy's fifth birthday today and he wants to go out of town tomorrow so I don't think I'll get to play any games this weekend.


Got home and this was waiting for me. Yessssssss.

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