24 January 2013

Mid Week Update **edit**

After a very brief text conversation, it looks like Modern Spearhead will be the game of choice for Gnomecon. I'm only going to be able to attend on Sunday because my sister has chosen that weekend to get hitched. No amount of crying on my part was able to get her to change to some other weekend. Oh well.

I spent a good bit of time yesterday on Google Maps looking at western Europe for an interesting patch of land to fight over. I've settled on a spot in the Netherlands. Standard late-80's cold war bash with Warsaw Pact forces heading west. The basic scenario goal will be for the Commies to capture a couple of bridges, with a rabble of Dutch, German and USMC troops to fend them off. Gives me an excuse to put together a battalion of Dutch mechanized infantry. I'll also have to get to work on making some prettier roads, canals, bridges, etc. I already started making some extra town sectors last evening.

That's pretty spot on 12 inch squares at 100m per inch.

Last Sunday's Shipwreck game fell apart because a recalcitrant Citrix server at work decided I shouldn't play. It's rescheduled for this Sunday and we picked up another player through the Shipwreck Yahoo Group, so that worked out rather well!

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