22 March 2013

Friday Night Posting

I finished up those 15 mil Soviets this evening. I need to hit them with some clear coat. I'll put pics up tomorrow. Hell, they may even see the table tomorrow if Z or My Bride is in the mood for a game of Flying Lead. That's assuming I can't get that game of MSH going. Ah, we'll see. Still awaiting the T-55 that was out of stock when I ordered. I'm sure it'll be a few weeks yet, it was coming from old Blighty. 

I ordered some 15mm Elves today from Splintered Light. Can't go a payday without ordering something... I'm sure you know the curse. I'm going to do them up for Song of Blades. I haven't painted any fantasy minis recently - I'm looking forward to 'em. 

Y'all have a good weekend! Roll some dice and enjoy a game!

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