16 March 2013

Urban War - Sci Fi Skirmish

Ziggy and I got to try out Urban War on Saturday afternoon. I've known Z since 1995 and he always uses good guys in games so I just sort of handed the VASA guys off to him for the run-through. Ziggy does not do aliens. He certainly doesn't do snakes with big-ass claws. Very well, I'd drive the Koralon. Since this was out first go at UW, we kept it a simple "kill the other team" scenario to see how the mechanics work. We used the forces out of the starter box sets.

The set up. Enough terrain to make it interesting.

 I put my two heavy hitters on my right side

And the four schlub-snakes on the left

Zig's deployment. Keeping the squad together.

The banana twins slither forward

Whilst the blue section moves out on their side of the board

Classic new-to-the-game mistake. Zig jumps the Archangel down to pummel the lone creeper in the middle only to realize she's not really kitted out for close-combat. The two models kill eachother in the ensuing combat. Hahaha!

This dope with the riot shield and baton counter-charges one of my warriors. Neither could manage to land a killing blow.

Mister Spikey crashes through one melee Suppressor on the right flank and uses a follow-up move to engage the next. Two claws. Two hits!

Too bad - two ones. The damn Suppressor lives.

I send the snake in charge in to sort things out. Again, the blessed human survives a round of combat while being terribly outclassed.

A turn later, sanity is restored and the Suppressor is suppressed. A final follow-up move results in an ambushed sniper being rent in twain.

But his buddy has no trouble putting a hole through the monster's head with a shot from a Gauss rifle.

A moment later, the Sergeant (the girl with the pigtails) ran over and put my Phazon (my boss critter with the staff) on ice with a shot from her pistol. Gah! I was down to one grunt.

That grunt had been engaged in close combat with that same Suppressor for three turns. It had been an epic, evenly matched combat until that troublesome wench ran over with her nightstick from hell and ended the game. 

Well, for fumbling through the rules and just getting things together, that was a lot of fun! I certainly need to put this on the table again some time soon.

Good Gaming!

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