24 March 2013

Infinity AAR

Ziggy's pretty excited about Infinity, having ordered himself some guys, so we decided to play that on Saturday. I used my Aleph Myrmidon Squad and Zig used Junior's Yu Jing troops. We set up the board and quickly put together a scenario.

The blue area is my set up area, Ziggy's dudes are over in the orange section. The red and yellow star indicated the shiny object we were both trying to capture and carry off the map.

The Aleph forces were programmed to fight bravely today! They set up a killing field in front of the entrance to the outpost. Swiper the Sniper had already picked off a Celestial Guard - indicated by the "dead face" in the woods.

I had the foresight to leave a couple guys in the back as "goalies."

The damned Hsein made his way close to the opening. Duchess heaves a smoke grenade and moves forward to intercept. Combined with her Optical Disruptor, the scumbag Yu Jing would have a hell of a time trying to hit her. Oh, smoke and blast templates are 12cm diameter. So are compact discs. Happiness.

She manages to escape the first hail of bullets but when she starts pumping shells towards Jackie (the Hsein) an enemy bullet finds its mark and it is curtains for Duchess.

Jackie nabs the trinket of power and burns purty much all of the Yu Jing orders making haste.

He's moving like Usain Bolt now! My two "goalies" make their way to intercept. One is gunned down on the way but the other gets to a point where he can take some shots. Camera bots were unable to keep up with the action. Jackie was wounded by a critical hit from the Myrmidon, but of course has two wounds. When Jackie fired back on his turn, the Myrmidon was knocked down and Jackie fled the scene. A win for the Yu Jing!

Feh. That dadgummed Hsein is the absolute nemesis of my troops. He's got a Multi-spectral Visor that ignores my troops Optical Disruptors and can see through smoke. He has no trouble finding and blasting my guys.

The Infinity rules are verbose and very unusual - completely unlike any other game out there. It truly is the Star Fleet Battles of skirmish games. It doesn't help that the rulebook is laid out weirdly and leaves a lot of ambiguous situations. That said, it was a fun game and I think we are getting the hang of it. I'm looking forward to the next fight.

Until next time!

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