12 May 2013

AK47 Republic Revisited

Saturday was good. Went to see Iron Man 3 with the family and got in a higher than average amount of gaming. Ziggy and I played a couple of games of AK47 Republic. He put together a Communist force - apparently splitters from my Militia Campaign for the New Congress. We ended up fighting over some farms in the foothills. My force would be defending.

The battlefield. The stars are objective locations. The yellow and red box is Ziggy's deployment area.

My deployment. Probably waaaaay too far forward in hindsight, and not enough "on an enemy objective."

 Le Pupi
Hero of the People's Revolution

A turn or two in - splitter truck-mounted infantry unloads outside the settlement where my only unit awaits. 

 The two groups mix it up for a couple of turns. Ziggy's dice are atrocious, but by turn 4...

Both groups have failed enough morale tests to leave the table. Red markers are splitter kill markers, white markers are MCC kill markers. The MCC now has no units on the table.

I failed to get any reinforcements to start my next turn and I lost by default. If a players goes a full turn with no troops, he loses. It was a good, quick game - Ziggy learned the basics and we had plenty of time for a second game after picking up some hot wings for dinner.

Game 2

I put together a new army list for the next game - pretty much just to try something different. I used the "Colonial Settlers" list and took some higher-end equipment and troops. The Political Maneuver chart treated me very well - I got to upgrade a unit to Professionals and got three free tanks! The Congress of the old Party Column would not be going away quietly - these old Belgian colonists were to to be trifled with.

My colonists were defending - I was fortunate and got two really good units from the outset; a Regular group of four armored cars and two tanks and a Professional group of two tanks, four infantry and an APC.

The Communists, emboldened by their earlier victory at the farms, pushes on to evict the Belgians. 

The unit of professionals redeploys to protect the left-most objective. An armored car has been taken out by a mortar round.

Zig's fifth unit arrives in the back corner - a tank and two trucks carrying eight infantry.

The professionals have redeployed and routed the militia that was advancing through the fields in front of them. I'd been picking on that unit with nominated morale tests from the outset, and tank guns firing at them just makes things better.

My armored unit continued its exchange with the mortars and militia. In the end, the recoilless rifle accounted for one of my armored cars and the mortars bagged two. They failed two morale tests (compulsory and nominated) and departed the field. On the plus side, the militia horde also fled.

I, at long last managed to get a reinforcement unit in - a large group of militia infantry.

 While the communist mechanized company mixed it up with some Belgian army regulars.

The Belgians mopped the floor with the communist insurgents. They did lose a tank and one stand of infantry, but their morale held. 

With that, time expired on the battle. The Colonials (me) won handily. Professionals are pretty hard core. It was another very enjoyable game and I'm still really enjoying AK47.

After that, Ziggy, Dennis, Junior and I played a couple games of:
No, no... not that one...
Munchkin - I won the first game, then the Dennis and Ziggy Alliance conspired to not let anyone named "Christian" win the second game. I damn near did anyway.

Y'all be well!

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