04 May 2013

AK47 Republic

Mike came over Saturday evening for a game of AK47 Republic, on the recommendation of Trebian over at Wargaming for Grownups. This was the first game for AK47 for both of us and we used FOW minis since we've got plenty of them. I used a force of the Militia Campaign for the New Congress - the communist opposition party in Litumsia. Mike was using a force belonging to the Dictator of Litumsia.The Dictator's forces were defending an airstrip and the surrounding area in the highlands of Litumsia.

The MCC forces were fortunate during the political maneuver phase and gained a huge allotment of militia which ballooned one of my units up to being 24-strong! I also got two free tanks thanks to some Cuban "advisors," they were added to a "mechanized infantry" unit composed of lots of jeep-mounted infantry.

After a turn or two, our armored cars managed to tear eachother up, the Dictator's force lost two cars and the MCC also lost their two which had recoilless rifles.

Dear Leader's tanks continued to pound the mass of humanity heading up the airstrip with their guns. Combined with "nominated" morale tests, the large unit was on thin ice quickly. Those two green buttons indicate two lost morale points.

My towed guns arrived in the far left corner, immediately capturing the turnip patch objective. My armored cars stayed hidden behind the trees and the better-quality infantry moved through the village, but the huge unit of militia again took a few hits from the tanks.

And the militia rabble evaporated.

That's a lot of casualties in just a little time.

A lucky shot from a mortar takes out one of Dear Leader's hated tanks. The mechanized group arrives in the upper right corner. The Dictator still hasn't gotten any reserves. It's just his two WW2 refurb tanks versus four groups of the MCC's finest!

Things all of a sudden turn ugly for the MCC forces. Three government AA vehicles arrive at the end of the runway, ready to gun down the brave rebels.

The jeep-mounted infantry dismount and capture the orchard. Food is critical! The guns have a firm grip on the other objective.

The rebel infantry spreads out with the threat of the AA guns imminent. The government shooting is atrocious though and there are no casualties! A rebel mortar manages to pin one of the AA vehicles.

And with that, the game ended. The only sixes Mike could roll were for turn countdown rolls. I let him take the AA vehicles late in the game just because he was getting so screwed by the dice. Regardless, the game was a blast and I am really looking forward to playing more of this. Mike seemed to really enjoy it too, as well as he could anyhow given the behavior of his dice rolls.


  1. Nice batrep, thinking to start AK47 too but must build two forces to start convince people here hopefull more reports will follow

    1. The system is simple enough to work with almost any miniatures - 15mm "looks right" but 6mm would work very well too - any would be less expensive. I always do battle reports for my games, so you will see more!