09 June 2013

Flying Lead, and other things

The local model railroad shop in Savannah moved a few months ago. It was/is the only local place to get flock so I made my way to their new location Saturday to get some ground cover for the 2x2 terrain board I'd finished up at least a month ago. It's been a while since I had to but a new bag of flock. Here's how it turned out...

It's made of 3/4 inch styrofoam sheets mounted to a sheet of 1/4 inch MDF. I held the styrofoam together with loads of glue to begin with, then once the sheets were stacked, I speared them through with toothpicks to keep everything aligned properly. After everything had dried, I took a serrated knife to it and gouged the contours. I smoothed out the jaggies with spackle and painted the whole thing dark green. The roads were painted on with glue sprinkled with extra fine sand. Pet stores usually have very fine sand in their reptile department if you're interested. It's a lot more consistent than beach sand and a much finer grain. A liberal coat of watered-down glue and a heavy sprinkle of flock and the job's done. I'm going to hit it with some spray clear-coat today to help the flock stay in place.

I also overhauled my other terrain board that I made originally for SBH but has been used for others since. I removed the graveyard and hedges and flocked over the spots for the buildings. This is what it looks like now:

I need to spackle over the holes left behind by the graveyard renovations - they glue and flock didn't cover them up nearly as well as I'd hoping for. I need to even out the ground cover colors a bit more too - minor stuff really. The board is more generic now and a bit more suitable for a variety of genres.

Dennis and I played a round of Flying Lead in the afternoon. I was leading a squad of the American peace-keeping force across town to a "safe" area while Dennis' rebels tried to cut me off and take some hostages. Here's the layout:

Initially, I sent a group of five up the railroad tracks and a group of four took up positions in the wooded area. The bazooka-man kept overwatch while the others moved into position.

Dennis' insurgents at the top of the map prepared themselves for me to come around the corner, but I had other plans. My flankers hopped up on the landing platform and went right through the train station. My other group was having their way with the group of insurgents closest to them.
Three insurgents knocked out, one down in front of the gas station, one still in good shape behind the hedge. I've put a smoke screen out in the road and my flanking force has made great progress through the train station.

Another view
At this point, I had a customer call who needed some computer help. Who am I to simply refuse $100 cash for very little effort? Dennis was about to pack it in anyway - his dice were absolutely miserable and I was very close to getting my troops into the safe house. I think Dennis went three or four turns in a row with either zero or one successful activation. Good on him for sticking it out as long as he did. Next time we'll try out the new terrain board!

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  1. The terrain boards look good. BTW Where did they move to?