12 June 2013

This Week's Update

I'm going to give Swatters a more serious look. I bought it a couple months ago and never did anything with it. I started reading again yesterday and it piqued my interest. I have an army's worth of humans and ordered an army's worth of aliens yesterday from Khurasan for not a lot of money. I also ordered a stack of blank mini-CDs - Swatters employs movement trays for all squads - and although I could hand-craft some 8cm discs, the CDs are just too easy to say no to. Junior seems to be interested, so maybe this will be something we can play together. I am looking forward to painting up the aliens!
I have actually finished painting a lot of stuff recently and just haven't posted any pictures - some 15mm tanks and other vehicles as well as the African Irregulars featured in my last battle report. Maybe I'll get around to posting pics eventually.

This weekend is Father's Day so I probably won't be doing much serious gaming, not that any gaming is serious when I'm involved with it. Be well!

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