26 June 2013

Swarming About!

The swarm has arrived and is being assembled! The alien bugs I ordered from Khurasan got here Monday and I wasted little time getting them prepped and glued. Here are some pics of the process.

The whole shootin' match. 24 bugs, 8 flying bugs and one big-ass bug.

Something I never do - I drilled and pinned the legs of John Lennon (the big Beetle). I find superglue tends to be fine by itself but not this time. A quick trip to the garage for some Dremel time and a cut up paper-clip later and we have...

At least he holds together well.

Here are some assembled fliers and regular space bugs.

I started looking at color patterns yesterday for their shells - one good thing about bugs is they can be any color I want and it won't look silly. I haven't made any decisions yet, but I'll certainly post updates as they occur.

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