10 July 2013

Mid Week Off Topic ** updated **

Sunday: Very good HTC Amaze cell phone dies.
 I move the SIM card over to a very old hunk of junk phone just to have something in the meantime.

Monday: Order Nokia Lumia 620 from Amazon. FWIW, the Windows Phone interface is far and away the best cell phone interface, compared to Apple and Android.

Wednesday: Received new phone. My SIM card won't fit. I need to run up to TMobile and get a new smaller card. After setting up the new phone, it too takes a crap and dies. Won't power up. Grrr. Get a chat going with Amazon customer service. They don't have a replacement in stock. Grrr. It'll be Friday before they have them in stock. I convince Genevieve to issue a refund so I can just but another color phone right away and have it by tomorrow. Stuck with this crap cell phone another day.

The drama... the drama... At least I get a yellow one. I just hope it works.

UPDATE Friday, 12 July

The new yellow phone is awesome. I love it.

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