14 July 2013

Mutants and Death Ray Guns!

Go see Pacific Rim.

Dennis and I took out MDRG Saturday and played a couple of one-off games. We put together 300-point lists- he used Plant Men and I used pretty average humans with guns and two pet giant radioactive bugs.

I suppose the uppity tree men were going to try to reclaim a bit o' the ol' North Wood back from the human settlers. Here is my tiny force:

In Ganesha parlance, they are
Ganger Q4C2 Assault Rifle,Grenade:Fragmentation
Ganger Q4C2 Assault Rifle
Ganger Q4C2 Assault Rifle
Ganger Q4C2 Assault Rifle
Giant Bug Q4C3 Long Move,Stealth
Giant Bug Q4C3 Long Move,Stealth
Leader Q3C2 Assault Rifle,Grenade:Sonic,Gunsmith,Leader
Nothing "cheesy" or overpowering... just guys with guns for the most part and two close combat things.

I deployed thusly:

For the record, I think I was waaaaay over-generous with the cover on the table, especially since Dennis gave his whole troupe "Stealth." Oh well.

The guys on the right move up to the closest house.
Dennis' first five activation rolls.
Two guys and a bug on my left get away from the woods a bit.
The bugs close on the swiftest tree in the county and go all "Acorn Weevil" on his ass.
My leader gets thumped. Curses!
The last of the Mohicans. The unpainted tree is their leader "Twiggy."
The bugs turn another foe into tinder.
But eventually, another of my crew dies and morale tests run me off the board.
My son had been watching off and on and wanted to play, so we decided on a three-player game. Or more precisely, Dad gets his ass kicked by two opponents this time. I drew the short straw and would be defending against Plants and Radioactive Bugs.

I needed to keep the buildings safe. Plant critters on the right, bugs on the left.
The bugs make tracks.
I sent the ladybugs from hell forward to disrupt the attack.
Mickey gets disrupted.
While Minnie kicks some bug ass. Hahahaha!
But eventually, Minnie croaks and  the bugs reach the buildings.

The walking sticks have finished their task. One unlucky survivor is about to become a statistic.
So, two entertaining games even though I came up on the crap end both times. I like the three-player mechanic, although the 2 v 1 setup sucks bad. May need to change that to a 1 v 1 v 1 in a future game to see how it works.

Y'all be well!

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