16 July 2013

Some more recent activity

I've been a busy bee, considering that I feel like I have been slacking off at the brush. Got the bug army done, and here are some Dystopian Wars ships I just completed. Ziggy gave them to me as a birthday present.

Empire of the Blazing Sun Gunships

The black and red looks imposing on the tabletop, and believe me, with EoBS, looking imposing is about as good as it gets.

Next up on the table are these lovelies...

A group of Frenchies for Shipwreck. This will be my first "real" carrier - the Moskva doesn't count. I guess I should find some planes and helos for them.

I also have a warband of Splintered Light Bugbears for SBH or whatever other game they get recruited into that have just been primed and a box of spaceships on the way! Plenty of lead for a little while.

Be well!

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