04 September 2013

DW Prussian Dreadnought and Important Hobby Tip!

I painted up Junior's new dreadnought in record time. Having Monday off from work helped! It's an impressive model and I'm happy with the way it turned out. I can't wait to sink it - hopefully we'll be putting it to sea Saturday.

I also finished up some Speerwurf small airships for the Prussians but didn't take any separate pictures of them for reasons which are still unclear. I did however take some "fleet shots" for the Spartan forums and you can see them below. The new Speerwurfs are the small fliers with red tails.

And of course my Japanese - no new models yet, they were backordered.

And now the important hobby discovery! These two commons items of most of your arsenals:
React nearly instantly causing the Gorilla Glue to set almost immediately. I was able to get these parts to attach with none of that "hold it still for ten minutes and hope it stays" bullshit that we're all used to:
The models are Anima Tactics figures that are very WIP. Those bits are metal and was you can tell, gravity has a pretty solid grip on them. The super glue / gorilla glue accident held like a champ without me having to hold the bits elevated in a weird position. I hope you can get some mileage out of my little discovery.

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