08 September 2013

More Dystopian Wars!

I Ziggy and I met up for a game of Dystopian Wars at my place this weekend. He hasn't played in a little while and has been looking forward to testing out his British Airmada. I happily obliged and put together a Blazing Suns force. It's worth noting that I didn't know Zig was going all Air when I put my list together. Here's what I took:
1 Ika w/ 1 Escort
3 Gunships
3 Cruisers
3 Bombers
3 Destroyers
2 groups of Fighters (795 points)

Ziggy took:
1 Eagle War Rotor
2 + 2 Hawk Rotors
3 + 2 Doncasters
3 Merlins
1 group of Fighters, 1 group of Dive Bombers (790 points)

We've never used the  random victory conditions before, so gave it a try. I rolled a 5 and had to "Destroy or Capture at least 50% of the Maximum Fleet Value of any opposing Fleet in Victory Points, including all Small models." I couldn't have gotten a better result. He's only got three small models. Ziggy rolled a 6 and was tasked with "Capture the Fleet Commodore’s Vessel of any
opposing Fleet," which was my Squidmarine. A tall order for the Brits.

Typically for me, I set up my ships in trains running side to side. No use closing the distance when all I want to do is keep it open.

A view from the table end.

Four moves in - three critical hits for the Japanese fleet! My dice were on fire and so were British aircraft.

My bombers get involved and finish off one of their opposite numbers. The Merlins begin their approach. They managed a crit (Hard Pounding) on one of the Japanese fliers.

One of the Empress' destroyers has been sent to the bottom, but the remaining two get lined up for some long-range shooting at a distant Hawk rotor. I also detect a problem with British command.

When your beverage is called Flagship, it may be a woeful harbinger of things to come.

My Gin and Tonic had gotten into my bloodstream pretty good by this point so pictures were getting less frequent. My fighters out to my right pounced on the Merlins and took one out and damaged another. One of my cruisers took a big hit from the Doncasters in the middle. The heavily damaged Hawk in the center crashed and burned into the waves. My Ika rounded the corner of the nearby island and took a few shots at the British fliers nearby.

Those same fliers made their move forward the next turn and took some ineffective shots at ol' Captain Krunch, but only caused minor damage. Cap, on the other hand, spun his gigantic robotic submarine about and managed to trap one of the Hawks with a tentacle. The ensuing assault was brutal, but the Hawk was left derelict. My command vessel, which Ziggy needed to capture was left with a perilously low 2 boarding parties.

More stuff (mainly British) gets blown up. One of my destroyers get one of those rare broadside opportunities and kills two fliers at once! They finished off a Hawk and Doncaster which were both hanging onto one remaining hull point.

At the end of turn three, I'd scored 420 point, including the three small models (Merlins) and Ziggy didn't have anything close enough to my squid to attempt a boarding action next turn so we called it there.

I'm not going to sugar coat it - my dice were hot. Ziggy's were simply average. I think I played a smart game and have finally figured out the proper way to use my EoBS fleet. The fact that I had LOS to all enemy models at all times and had a terrific range advantage with my rockets made things very difficult for Z.

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