11 September 2013

Recent Painting / Mid Week Update

I bought some Anima Tactics miniatures a couple weeks ago, primarily due to the fabulous quality of the figures, and secondly because the rules are free and it seems less bizarre than Infinity. For me, heavily detailed models take forever to paint and thusfar I've only completed three of the twelve. Here are the results so far.

Adolph Brunner, Khaine D'Elacreu and Dereck Shezzard

They were by far the simplest models out of the lot which is much of the reason they got finished first. The others will keep me busy for at least another couple weeks - and to make sure I get slowed down, I've got a handful of backordered miniatures finally arriving this week. Even though they aren't properly painted, Junior and I may put AT on the table this weekend to give it a go.

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