13 April 2014

Saturday at Gnomecon

We work really torpedoed my Gnomecon plans but I managed to get down there anyway Saturday afternoon for some great gaming and hanging out. Because of the work project I wasn't able to run my StarDust demo. The X-Wing tournament didn't start until 3:00, so we had a chance to wander around and check things out. Some folks were playing GIANT-SIZED Star Trek Attack Wing (very similar to X-Wing):

I wish we'd gotten down earlier - that would have been a hoot.


Junior and some of his Imperial stooges.

Ziggy showed up to heckle as did Chewie.

My son, who's gotten a good bit of practice playing with me, gave a very good accounting of himself in the tournament.

We did get in a tournament game against each other and he FINALLY managed to beat be! A last second shot at the 60-minute buzzer finished off Luke, whereas my nearly last second shot at his Firespray had missed.

As it turned out, it was a podium sweep for my family! I got 1st and my son got 2nd place! We got some very nice loot - I got a paid pre-order of the Rebel Aces box set and an "Ace" medal. Junior got a Millennium Falcon and we both got some special game tokens and Imperial Shuttle pilot cards.
The late event for me was Star Fleet Battles. Mike had an amazingly good turnout for SFB - we had NINE players which, I gotta say, is unheard of. It was a simple enough scenario with four Klingons and a Romulan pursuing two Kzintis who had two Feds coming in to help them out. The Feds also had a target decoy to help even out the situation.

James, Mike (the GM) and Mark. Mike's patience was wearing thin as the night wore on - he was tired, had lost his voice and competing with a very large and enthusiastic WarMachine crowd was kicking his ass. He was testy but kept a good attitude - it was actually pretty funny.

The scrum develops. Nine ships turned into quite the scene.

We'd pretty well shredded the front shields of the Red Kzinti cruiser (James' ship) when I managed to get into a fantastic firing position on him. I had a drone make it through the down shield, followed by most of my guns. Normally I struggle to get good shot positions in SFB, this game was a major exception to my usual lame performance.

The players. Not sure where David Siu had run off to. Of 9 players, we had 2 Marks, 2 Bills and 2 Davids. What are the odds of three names repeating like that? Starting fromt he lower left and going clock-wise, it's Romulan Bill, Fed Bill's wife, Klingon Dave, Fed Bill, Fed Mark, James, Mike and Klingon Mark.

The Klingon parade. I think that is, right-to-left, Mike, Mark me and Klingon Dave.

Mike and I get all up on Federation Mark's cruiser. We hulled him out in short order.

The Klingons + Romulan won handily. We'd destroyed one Fed Cruiser and severely crippled the other three Alliance ships. Klingon Dave's and Mike's ships were a little beaten up and Mark took a heavy blow late in the game, but we had two ships (my Klingon and Bill's Rom) that had only lost shields. We all had great time and I think we created a couple of new SFB fans Kzinti Dave and Fed Mark had never played before.

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