28 April 2014

Work In Progress & X-Wing

A quick couple of WIP shots. These are 15mm Protolene "Canine Aliens" from Critical Mass Games in Jolly Ol'. I ordered a bunch a few weeks back and they painted up quickly and easily. They'll make a good opponent for my Red Guard who also had some reinforcements arrive. Those minis are in the queue and will be next on the table.

Two bases had been spackled to this point. They're drying now and the next step (patches of sand) begins tomorrow.

We got some X-Wing in Sunday afternoon. That's David with his back to the camera and Junior (left) and his friend Elijah (right). I drove and A-Wing and a B-Wing, Dave used an X-Wing and a Y-Wing. Together we squared off against the kids. Junior used his beloved Slave I. Elijah used an Interceptor and a TIE Advanced (Vader). The crafty old men taught the kids a lesson in driving spaceships. Elijah's Vader truly had the Force with it - Dave and I had a hell of a time trying to finish it off - but in the end, the B-Wing got the kill shots on all three Imperials and it was another rout for the Rebels.

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