03 February 2015

StarDust Ground Update and RP

I haven't done a whole lot of work on SDG recently - I've been working on other things. I did work up rules for vehicle close combat - attacking vehicles in CC, mecha-type vehicles that are proficient in CC and that sort of thing. I also made a slight tweak to the Close Combat mechanics in general to prevent an obvious loophole that I discovered during the last playtest.

I have ordered a bucketload of new toys for SDG - vehicles, infantry, stationary emplacements. I'm still waiting for them to arrive - they're coming from Critical Mass in Jolly Ol' so they may be another week out. I hope I can get them before GnomeCon - I want to run at least one "big game" with lots of tanks, walkers, fliers, etc.

I finished up a couple of models from Rebel in the last couple of days - a mech for the Red Guard and an AA vehicle for the Dogs.

 The pair. Thank Rebel Minis!

I've made this guy tremendously powerful - strong special abilities and good weapons. To this point, most units in the game have been sort of generic and one-dimensional. This walker is one bad mother.

I added the radar - it's just a sprue and bit of screen. Originally the vehicle was billed as an APC. The twin guns were very "anti-aircraft" which is what I was looking for.It'll make a good AA and anti-infantry platform.

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