10 February 2015

Weekender and New Goodies

Mike, Dave, Bill and I played a 4-player game of Dystopian Wars Sunday afternoon. Dave and I teamed up using Japanese and French versus the other two, both using Prussians. Each player used a 500-point force.

I'm not going to attempt a full AAR much of the game focused on 2nd edition mechanics - I took some pictures and we had a good time blowing stuff up.

Very little terrain was randomly generated. We deployed close to where out flanking force of Alma frigates would be arriving. The Prussians had some bomber and airships off as flankers as well.

Japanese gunships and the big French battlecruiser start lighting Prussian cruisers on fire.

Our goal of trying to set them all aflame is becoming realistic!

Japanese torpedo bombers kill a cruiser.

From the lower left, clockwise... French and Prussian fighters dogfight... the AA cruiser and battleship thrash the Prussian battleship and score a RAGING FIRE! The Prussian cruisers work on the Almas (barely visible on the right) and kill two. All Prussian ships were set on fire.

See, when you set a goal and focus on making it a reality, good things happen. Actually, there were still two destroyers skulking around the other side that were not yet on fire...

The Cherbourg's heat lances carve up the remaining two cruisers. The Cherbourg may be a bit overpowered. I'm sure some sort of correction is on the horizon.

The big Prussian Sky Fortress and battleship combine their powers to kill two of the Japanese gyros in the center.

We were pressed for time and I think playing another (fourth) turn would have been decisive or at least very destructive. As it was, the French/Japanese force came out a bit ahead points-wise but not by a wide margin. Thanks for the game guys!

In other news, my order from Critical Mass arrived yesterday:
The haul...

I put some of them together already. I want to get them usable for Gnomecon. I may try to get in a playtest early on Saturday - my son seemed interested in the new toys. I've got a handful of terrain in the pipe as well - buildings and ruins this time around.

Have a good week!


  1. I don't really get Dystopian Wars but I like the look of it. Are those Litko flame markers? They add a lot to the sense of carnage.

    1. DW is a good game, not great by any means. The minis are gorgeous and there are always plenty of opponents around here which are enough reasons to keep me playing. The ubiquitous Litko flame markers are always a welcome sight on the tabletop and really do amp up the destruction factor.