11 August 2015

Recently Painted - Frostgrave Guys

I've been working on 28mm fantasy minis recently. I picked up Frostgrave and want to give it a go but am lean on miniatures. I'll be using some figures from Anima Tactics and Relic Knights, but I've also picked up a handful of Bones, Warmachine and other miniatures to fill out the ranks. Basically, I'm just looking for interesting models to paint.

In the process, I also dug through the collection and scavenged some Warhammer minis and painted them up.

My first batch follows:

That's a Warmachine sneaky assassin-y looking guy and a Bones "Gravedigger" which I just loved and will be a wonderful "treasure hunter."

Three old Warhammer Chaos Marauders, refurbed and repainted. They'll make great rank-and-file close combat troops.

I'm basing everything on the very vogue 30mm bases. I like them and they're relatively inexpensive for my purposes. I've got three others that I'll post tomorrow, time permitting. They got blasted with Dullcote this evening, but now there's no daylight for pictures.

Be well!

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