17 August 2015

Weekend Painting

While I wasn't playing toy soldiers this weekend, I did manage to complete some more minis for Frostgrave.

Three Bones skeletons, a Bones adventurer-type with a big axe (I think he may actually be a dwarf) and two old GW minis that have been revitalized. 

The fellow with the spear was a "Dogs of War" mercenary. I had to  make him a new spear, which turned out way better than I anticipated. The adventurer in the middle has a week's worth of gear! The awesome dude on the right is a very old Blood Bowl Chaos Warrior with a nice new crossbow! 

I have seven more to complete - I just got some Bones archers of various descriptions and Warlord minis guys with claymores that should round out the ranks. I do want to find some animals - dogs, wolves, etc. and maybe some more undead, but they'll wait for a while - I've got another painting project I need to attend to.

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