04 October 2015

Last Batch of Firestorm Armada

Well, the last batch for a while anyway. I think I'm done with the Kurak Alliance for now. I've got a sizable collection and if I paint more FSA stuff, it'll be for a new fleet.

For now though, here are four more Xelocian Frigates

I ordered them immediately after seeing Spartan's new ugly redesign. They're just like the last squadron except that I added a black bar through the midsection white stripe to differentiate squadrons.

And the big project for the last couple weeks: the Ryushi Battle Carrier!

It's a big-ol' son of a gun and a complex build, as Spartan models go, which isn't saying much. I tinted the force-fields with Green + Pledge floor wax so they'd look a little less like the same clear acrylic as the base and pegs. I spent a good bit of time on the fighters on the flight deck which aren't visible in these pictures but can be easily seen with the naked eye. I'm happy with the way it turned out and can't wait to put it on the table for a game!

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  1. Love the Battle Carrier, very well done!