24 October 2015

Zombieland 2015


Wifey and I went to Perry, GA this weekend for a 5k Zombie Run. It was also our wedding anniversary get-away. I'm not very exercise-y so a 5k involving running from the hordes is a bit of a challenge for Mr. Ski.

The facility was freaking awesome and the whole experience was top-notch. We got a bucket of pictures.

 The drive in - creepy.

My wife meets one of the locals early on!

Raccoon City's finest

Happy Zombie Apocalypse Anniversary, baby! 13 years. 

Fun with shadows.

 Yours truly. Obviously I was going for as tacky of a look as I could manage.

This poor kid actually cut himself on a prop-car's broken glass. Determining the fake blood from the real was a challenge for the paramedics.

Damn clown zombies.

 Army helos streak over. Their presence added a lot of ambiance. An old Huey and Cobra...

 We're off! Yes, that's velociraptor next to me. It was a very cool costume.

 300 yards in and I'm spent.

The subway tunnel was a major pain and I lost two of my ribbons in here.

 As I said, this place was awesome!

The Cobra makes another pass.

 A great zombie pair.

 After the run. I came up "infected" having lost all my ribbons. My bride "survived" with one ribbon!

 But was devoured by a horde moments later! HAHAHA!

A cool shot of the Cobra sweeping over the water section.

If you get a chance, do one! It was ridiculously entertaining. We'll definitely take the kids next time.

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