27 December 2015

Boxing Day Frostgrave

I hope all of you had merry Christmases! Mine was very good, although the house is still a cluttery wreck. Ziggy came by last evening for our first go at Frostgrave - a fantasy skirmish game. Each player's group gains loot and experience per battle, much like the old Mordheim / Necromunda game from GW.

We put together our groups together - my Wizard leader was an Illusionist, Zig's was a Summoner. I won't bore you with list details.

We set up the table for a standard hunt the loot scenario - the loot markers are circled in orange.

Ziggy's merry band - Clint Holmes and Associates.

My brave mercenaries - Gob Bluth et. al.

Early on, Gob makes my crossbowman invisible and he takes up a solid firing position overlooking the plaza.

Zig becomes enamored with the Wall spell, shielding his scum from my slings and arrows of misfortune. The wall goes both ways and my mercs too are shielded.

A real brawl erupts around the mudhole off to my left. My thug reaches the treasure first on the dry spot but I still need to drag it off the table!

Arrows and bolts fly back and forth across the plaza! My spearman (lower right) has grabbed my first loot marker and is making off with it.

Just as I start to make my get-away, the Lovely Assistant hurls a Bone Dart at Herk and downs him in the muck. BOOOOOOOO.

And moments later, she does the same to his brother, Jerk! My apprentice, Steve Holt stares on in amazement.

Meanwhile, one of Clint's swordsmen was getting up close and personal with my archer, Mallory trying to make off with some ill-gotten coin. Gob ran back and cast Push on the crook, sending him hurling! He'd have gone SEVENTEEN inches, except that he smashed into the edge of the tabletop first. 

Steve Holt stares down the fat man and the Lovely Assistant. A moment later, a crossbow bolt strikes Steve in the forehead, prematurely ending his career.

In the end, Zig's group captured four of the treasures while I got two. Ziggy lost one Infantryman KIA and my very expensive Apprentice also went KIA. Once the treasure was doled out, my warband was deep in the hole, financially speaking. I haven't got enough money to pick up a replacement Apprentice. Ziggy picked up enough cash and prizes to replace his loss, hire another hand or two, and advance nicely. Now I'm wondering if I should stick it out with this group or punt and start fresh.The next scenario is going to be tough without an Apprentice.

Frostgrave, once we figured out that we were resolving damage wrong, is a very nice game. It's quick and deadly for sure. I've got some questions about spells - many of which leave a lot of opportunity for abuse - but I'll hunt down a FAQ to see if that is addressed. If you've got a collection of 28mm fantasy minis and a regular opponent or two, it is a very worthwhile investment.

Oh, here are some pics of the fountain that I just finished up...

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