23 December 2015

Shipping- FedEx "Smart"post

Does anyone else out there wonder what the deal is with FedEx Smartpost? How can it be as screwed up as it is? It is the least efficient, stupidest package delivery system available.

I ordered a thing from miniaturemarket.com recently. Let's see what it took to get to Savannah...

St. Louis to Savannah - about 800 miles driving. Google estimates a bit over 12 hours of driver, sans traffic. I'd expect 3-4 work days for delivery.

What really happened...

For a rough estimate of 1575 miles and 10 days of travel. Wow.

On a completely separate note, http://sodapopminiatures.com/ has some massive discounts going on right now on many of their minis - 60% off in some cases. I just picked up some Hell Dorado minis that'll work well for Frostgrave.


  1. Yes this is the screwed up nature of chain logistics and mass delivery systems. I ordered a big ticket item off Amazon (prime no less but I waived the 2 day shipping in favor of a movie credit) that shipped from Colorado. Went to Canada, then to Kentucky, then New York, and finally to me in Pennsylvania. WTH!!

  2. Wow. I hope that package is on a frequent flyer plan.