19 December 2015

Weekly Update - "Frostgrave" buildings

With the intention of using them with Frostgrave, I've slapped together a couple of buildings in the last week and a half. Obviously, they didn't take much effort to construct or paint - I simply haven't had a whole lot of time for hobby activities lately.

Notably absent is rubble. There obviously should be quite a bit, but I hate how it interferes with minis' stability, thus, no rubble.

What I have had time for is re-thinking my Frostgrave setting. My collection is very "Frosty" so I'm thinking of something more like Fallout meets Frostgrave. Reading about the Oklo natural nuclear reactor recently piqued my interest; I figured something similar, closer to the surface, could produce an interesting "Chernobyl" zone in and around a Fantasy town / city. In the short run, that's the excuse for the grassy, late-summer look of everything. I may take a run at making some polluted wells, fountains, etc. It also gives me an opportunity to work on some weird radioactive mutant monsters.

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