21 September 2016

Recently Painted - Dystopian Wars Belgians

I got a few DW tanks completed this week - some Belgians I picked up on the cheap a week or two ago. In the Dystopian Wars fiction, Belgium is a protectorate of France and are simply just "part of the French OOB. I did paint these guys quite differently from my solid dark red French land forces, figuring the crews would have quite a bit of national pride, not wanting to simply ape "big brother." I did however keep that dark red on the big Liege landship - the mix of camo and solid color turned out well I think, although I debated it for quite a while in my noggin prior!

The Belgian N-3 Liege and French N-5 Bastille

1 comment:

  1. Really nice paint job!
    I might borrow it for my RoB land forces...