04 September 2016

Rubber and Lead Playest 1

Hi all. I've gotten around to mostly finalizing the rules and mechanics of my Hot Wheels car racing and battling game, Rubber and Lead. I've taken inspiration from a handful of game systems and I think I've come up with an absolute gem. Playtesting revealed a few things that need to be "ruled away" but generally speaking its very playable.

Race 1
The cars have just left the start / finish line. Two laps and it's over! Weapons fire is prohibited during the first 6 turns or half a lap, whichever comes first.

Crappy driving is never prohibited though, as Jack O Lantern gets Tee'd up by Watch Your Head.

The pick-up has managed to get away from the pack followed by the convertible. The van and Camaro both had wall-related issues, slowing them down considerably.

The pick-up tries to slow down the convertible but just can't shake him!

Behind the lead pair, the van gives the Camaro a burst from the ol' .50 cal.

The convertible sneaks across the finish line ahead of the pickup to take the checkered flag!

Race 2
Randomly selected cars for the second run. The Pickup draws the Pole.

The pack works its way 'round the first corner.

As soon as it's allowed, mines and oil are dropped on the track!

The flatbed gives Yellow the high hard one.

Big blue puts the pain on the flatbed with a cannon shot!

The flatbed spins out in the oil, letting the pickup get away!

Moments later, the flatbed finished off the blue delivery van with a flamethrower burst only to in turn be taken out by the yellow sports car who'd been trailing the whole race.

So yeah, that was wicked fun. I need to define a few situations I wasn't expecting such as wall collisions and I had to re-create my starting grid because wrecks were virtually guaranteed on move 2 or 3. I am very happy with how this is turning out - there will definitely be more!

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