30 January 2017

Just an Update

I haven't done much gamey stuff in the last week or so. Last weekend my 9-year old and I went camping, but Sunday I made some significant progress on the racetrack for my Gnomecon game - Rubber and Lead.

That's 2 48" X 24" sheets of MDF. I've learned that a regularly-shaped track (oval, rectangle) is easily abused by wily drivers. The odd shape of this track should encourage a bit more "driving" for a car that gets way out in the lead. We shall see. The green area way covered with carpenter's glue and beach sand, then two coats of spray paint. It'll scrape a knuckle if you're not careful!

I hope to have a good playtest session this weekend with four drivers. The game has been rock solid so far, but I'm going to add in nitrous oxidefor a couple of the less well-armed cars to give them a "boost."

I also made some fun nitrous counters...

They're essentially decoupages on 15 x 40mm 3mm plywood bases. Hooray ModPodge!

I also got some goodies in the mail today for my 15mm Robot Army
They're robotic hover tanks. I think they'll also be troop transports for the little hover bots for that extra scoop of annoyance.

Be well and have a good week!


  1. I'm curious to know gameplay mechanisms. From your previous post the game encompass many items it seems! I remember Axes and Alloys, the rules are nice but it's more of a destruction dearby game than a race.

    1. It uses movement templates, similar to X-wing. As long as the players concentrate on driving counter-clockwise it plays beautifully. We thought about making a figure-8 track, but rational thought prevailed. Importantly, R&L feels like a race when you're playing it - it moves quickly and all the players stay engaged.