27 January 2017

StarDust - Revised Edition Now Available

I've worked hard over the last few weeks to get StarDust, my space combat game, updated and tweaked. I put the wraps on it last evening. Ta da! So, StarDust 1.1 is now officially available for purchase and download on lulu.com. Since I can't really tell by looking, can any of my readers who purchased it previously verify that the revision is indeed a freebie? If it isn't, email me at startdustgame (at) outlook.com and I'll send a copy to you.

The update isn't night and day different. I did remove the scenarios because I was unhappy with the graphics. I'll probably re-do them later. There are a handful of new weapons and special equipment items. I fleshed out a new fleet and tidied up a few loose ends.

If you haven't played StarDust, I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a fun space combat game. It's not designed as a competitive, balanced game system like you may be used to with GW, Spartan, Battlefront or most other publishers. You can use whatever miniatures you own, set up a scenario and commence blasting away! You will need a handful (as many as 10 perhaps) d8 dice. One of these days I'll commission Chessex or someone to make custom eight-siders with the StarDust cross on the "8" face and sell them for a ridiculous markup!


  1. I check at Lulu.com and it seems that I must purchase the pdf again. Even in my download section this is still the older version.

    I send you an email with question and comments like we talk in the previous post!
    I'm eagger to see the new version!

  2. I'm always on the look out for Sci Fi Naval rules to use with my (ex Superior) Starfleet Wars ships. The use of D8's is interesting. Anything more that you can tell us (or links to old posts) about the mechanics/design intent of the rules?