13 February 2017

Recently Painted!

I was a good boy and painted the top three items on the lead/plastic pile last week. Yes, literally the three most recently purchased were the most recently painted. It's more of a stack than a queue.

First up, the Mini for Rubber and Lead.

Colors influenced by "Greased Lightning" from the movie Grease. I needed a "white" car. I like it lots. I've got one more car in the stack.

Next up are is a pair of T-34/76 tanks courtesy of Pegasus Hobbies. They're 1/72 and come two to a box, on the cheap.

They came out very pretty. Hope to get in a game with them after Gnomecon.

Last up are some 15mm Undead reinforcements for Dragon Rampant. OK, I just wanted to paint something different for a change.

Dead goblins riding dead wolves. Woot! A perfect light cavalry unit.

And as he's been dubbed, the Skelephant. David and I are thinking about getting in a game or two at Gnomecon and the horde needed some options. I despise using the same army list more than once.