30 April 2017

AAR: AK47 - Back in the Jungle

Wifey and I put AK47 on the kitchen table Saturday evening. It's been well over a year since we played AK47 Republic and with the new AA assets, it seemed like a fine idea. We used our traditional Litumsian forces - my wife, the communist insurgent Militia Campaign for the New Congress and me, President for Life Johnson's Worker's Party Army.

My WPA forces were the attackers for this battle. I placed objectives on the garage, train/road crossing and the bridge.
My wife deployed her jeep-mounted defectors, the Hyena Company, straddling the far road and blocking the crossing objective. A large group of militia covered the route toward the bridge, while the tanks were deployed on the bridge. Another large group of militia covered the garage and workshop.

I got to start with two infantry groups which were deployed wide out on the flanks and my cannon battery which deployed a bit closer to center on the left to pummel the Hyenas.

My gunline takes aim but there are next to no casualties - just one pin.

The firefight on my right goes poorly for me.

Another volley from the cannons doubles the earlier result. 😕

A blurry shot of the left side shows my infantry making some good progress towards the hangar - both groups are taking casualties though.

The platoon on my right begins rounding the hill. They rolled "out of ammo" two turns in a row and their shooting has been just useless.

Now there we go! The recoilless rifle jeep get "A-Teamed" as does another jeep (without riders though). The cannons have finally gotten it together!

But bad news from the right side as the tanks fire at my platoon by the hill. Their morale falters and it's Good Night, Nurse!

A similar scene unfolds for the MCC grunts holding the buildings - they abandon their post leaving it virtually undefended! Good thing for them the Hyenas, in their jeeps, are close by to pick up the slack.

We both get reinforcements! The MCC gets an armored car and AA APC while I got another group of infantry with a recoilless-armed armored car. The reinforcements are quickly piled up in "action central" on the left flank.

The remaining Hyenas de-bus and prepare to defend the objective while my cannon battery drives quickly towards the rail crossing to nab it!

My infantry are caught between the AFVs and the MCC elites in the building. Of course my bazooka team can't locate a rocket quickly enough!

My cavalry finally arrives. Day late, dollar short.

The MCC tank crews finally decide to crank their engines and help out after the Hyenas are wiped out. My battery starts to get battered.

Battered and deep-fried! They've had enough and leave.

And time expired. I had only captured one ten-point objective. The rail crossing was 20 and the bridge 30. I really messed that up, didn't I? Final score was 69-45 in favor of my wife's MCC. Rebel scum. At least if my artillery had hung in there it would have only been a negligible 4-point loss.

It was a great way to spend a Saturday evening and I swear, one of these days I'll win a game of AK47. It's become my Moby Dick.I was disappointed that the Little Bird showed up so late - it was the first time I'd included it in an AK47 list and it never got to play. My wife's "arrival" rolls were fantastic, getting four of her five units on the table to start. Looking forward to the next round!

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  1. Nice looking game, beautiful terrain...