02 April 2017

Recently Painted - Terminator 2 and a Dandy

I finished up the human resistance fighters from Terminator Genisys today. I didn't go nuts with them - kind of a quick job to get 'em table ready. I think they still look very nice.

Seventeen of humanity's finest. Maybe we'll give it a go this week.

Also finally off the table is this dude:
A Steampunk hero-type character. I've dubbed him Duke Rose. Although he'll be on the "good" side, I envision him as a bit more of a scoundrel. Chapter Two has been thought out and I hope to get that back on the table soon as well - my wife really like the last game.

I finally broke down and ordered some Pico Armor. I've been wanting to do this for a while and I've decided that now was as good as ever to jump into the Yom Kippur War. I placed an order for a boatload of T-62s, BMP-1s and "Soviet" infantry. They'll probably arrive this week. More on that as it progresses. I have got appropriate aircraft, thanks to CY6:JA!

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