18 April 2017

AAR: Rubber and Lead

Saturday evening my kitchen table turned into ground zero for a great session of Rubber and Lead. Ziggy came by, as did co-worker Matt. My son drove the fourth car.

We had a new track layout to test and the two new off-road trucks. After a bit of explanation, we got right in.

Junior's Land Raider took an early lead and was, for the most part, uncatchable.

But as he was trying to complete lap 2, the heavily oiled and mined bottleneck turned his car into a pinball..

But, with one damage point remaining, the truck managed to cross the finish line first. Matt's convertible soon followed.

Oil and walls accounted for my truck and Ziggy's van.

This sums up race two nicely. I can't remember who won, but it wasn't me. The damn cement truck went all "battering ram" and murdered two cars and itself.

Race three - the still experimental "figure eight." The crossroad was of course heavily mined. I think my car, the green and gold one at the front of the picture, was finished off by Matt in the blue van. Junior won again.

Matt (in the flatbed) and Christian (red Mustang) get all stupid with it right at the start of race four. Matt then managed to stay next to me (in the convertible) for practically a full lap, repeatedly hitting me with the side flamethrower.

I did drive very well under the circumstances, but chanced going through some mines to take the lead and flubbed it. Oh well. Nothing new.

This picture look a lot like the one four pics up. Ziggy got the win.

That was a fantastic evening of gaming. I'm not sure if we stopped laughing the entire time. The new track was quite popular and a nice change. The figure eight is also quite playable. Matt had a great idea that I'll be incorporating soon. I've found some new cars to add to the garage, they'll be featured soon enough. Be well!

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