02 June 2017

2017 Memorial Day Bash - Part 3

After StarDust wrapped, Junior was still in the mood for rolling dice. He was excited to test out the new X-Wing Imperial Raider we'd gotten a couple days prior. We were all pretty interested to see how it behaved. I quickly slapped together a scenario featuring both of my "big ships."

The setup - a small group of pirates (Scum and Villainy) have boarded and captured an Imperial Gozanti-class light carrier. It's intercepted by the Raider as it is making it's escape. Simple enough and an excuse to put two Imperial ships on opposite sides. Junior drove the Raider, I drove the carrier, Mike drove a Jumpmaster and Ziggy chose Boba Fett. Mike and Zig were my escorts as I tried to escape the table. Each side was 150 points.

The setup. I think my ship was 5.5 "full speed moves" from the escape edge, with an asteroid in the way to encourage at least a bit of maneuvering.

Two instances of "how do you fly this thing?"

Having just stolen it, I try not to wreck it straight away.

A belief Mike does not share as he plows into the Raider. ** deep exhale ** I'm down to one escort.

I do my best to scoot around the big triangle of doom.

The Raider has made a very nice quarter-turn trying to catch me. I've made it to the escape edge with ONE LOUSY HULL POINT LEFT! Oh yeah, the Raider throws out a LOT of firepower.

But sadly, that close to the edge, Junior blasts my ride and wins the scenario. For next to no planning, that was really close and rather well-balanced.

A fun game and a wonderful way to wrap up a great day of gaming. Can't wait 'til next year!

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