30 June 2017

Planetfall - A Group Shot

I've been positively zipping through the Firestorm Planetfall minis lately. Ziggy hooked me up with some a Terquai Recon Helix and an Aquan Assault Helix for my birthday. The Terquai got handled right away.

I took some group shots of all of the forces together - vehicles, infantry, etc.

 The whole shebang so far...

Aquan infantry

The big silver flier is a Terquai ground attack unit.

Terquai infantry. I gave all of the infantry a paint scheme more in tune with their wintry surroundings. I think it looks pretty swell - kind of an Imperial Stormtrooper vibe. I don't think I've ever painted "white" infantry before and I'm real happy with the result.

The walkers I've got now are the models shown above. I'm strongly tempted to do the legs in a white scheme, similar to the infantry while leaving the body red.
It'd make the legs (presumably the weakest point of a walker) more difficult to visually discern, much like the gun barrel of this Firefly. Let me know if you think it's a stupid idea or brilliant.

Not ready for the prior pictures, I completed these portals last evening. The Terquai infantry can walk through one and appear from the other portal. Should be nifty!

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  1. I really enjoy planetfall myself. I find it the best game that Spartan has put out in terms of playability. Thanks for posting these up. I need to get back to my own models as well.