26 November 2017

A Few More Off The Pile

The Thanksgiving visitors have all left and I was able to do a bit of painting Saturday. I've got another group of Dark Elves - these with hand crossbows and swords.

I'm please with the result, and I'm also pleased with the scheme-matching involved. Three of these were painted at least a year ago, probably much longer than that. The green paint on their base rim is a different shade, made quite obvious in the sunlight. The Dragon Rampant Dark Elves might have enough for a skirmish now - I'll have to add up points to see.

My other project done alongside these elves was a group of skeleton chariots.

15mm skellys are easy to paint and these Splintered Light chariots we no exception. They give the undead warband a probably unnecessary additional hard-hitting unit. They really could benefit from a couple squads of ground-pounders, but where's the fun in that?

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