05 November 2017

AAR - Check Your 6 Jet Age - Hornets and Fulcrums!

CY6 made it back on the table Saturday afternoon. Inspired by a scenario I found on the Yahoo groups, I trimmed down Shaska Flight a bit and made it more suitable for two players. It's a fairly straightforward engagement of Soviet MiG-29s and RCAF CF-18 Hornets. The planes are very evenly matched. David chose the MiGs and I was quite happy with the Hornets.

Jean Claude and Jean Pierre - my pair for the day.

Big Red and Shocka - our reps from the Evil Empire.

We started a long way off from each other. I fired off two Sparrows down range but couldn't connect. One AA-10 was sent back but also failed to find its target. 

Jean Pierre finally gets a lock and launches a Sparrow at Shocka. It connects in a gout of flame! The Mig was still in the air, and undamaged at that! 

He needed an 11 or 12... Blast!

A few seconds of twisty-turny later, Big Red and Jean Claude take head-on gunshots at one another. Although both planes are hit by a couple stray rounds, neither plane is damaged.

But just then, Jean Pierre gets tone on Big Red who has drifted into the danger zone!

One Sidewinder later, Big Red is done.

Shocka gets around and behind JC. An AA-8 is launched. The Hornet's evasive maneuvers pay off and the missile goes wide.

Jean Pierre's quick Immelman gets him behind the MiG. A burst of gunfire again connects with the Russian but again fails to damage! 

The MiG flew off the nearest table edge, conceding the dogfight. A tightly fought affair and a nice way to spend an afternoon. Perhaps our next game will feature more than just dogfighting. I'd like to put a recon plane with some objective locations to get more of a scenario feel, but the dogfights are just fine too!

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