13 November 2017

A Little Weekend Painting

Mike wants to play Blitzkrieg Commander next weekend at our TANKSgiving gathering in Waycross. It's a bold choice since he's very noobish on the game and the rest of the players are equally unfamiliar. I picked up the rules on Wargames Vault to get familiar with it, but there's a big difference between reading and playing.

That said, he was recruiting for additional forces so I volunteered by 6mm Germans. Because I had a few in the lead pile, I told him I'd finish up the rest of the tanks and ATGs for his game. So... Saturday morning I had hulls on nails and guns on bases.

Step 1 - clean the models and get 'em ready for paint!

And before you know it, job's done! By Saturday evening I had eight Panzer IVs and  two PaK40s ready for prime time.

I threw together a few extra command stands Sunday. Having looked at some BKC force lists online, it seems the number required may be a bit higher than I anticipated. I'm looking forward to playing on Saturday, I just hope it's not too much of a confused mess with Mike's decision to run a game he's not super familiar with.

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