14 January 2018

Cold War Commander - HQ Stands

When we played Blitzkrieg Commander back at Thanksgiving, I was happy enough with the game to spend the $10 on CWC as well. I've got a good collection of mid-80's micro armor and the system produces a nice beer-and-pretzels wargame. Of course this meant I'd have to whip up some HQ stands for my armies. This game me a great opportunity to reduce the 6mm lead pile a bit. After a bit of a dig, I came up with 5 stands for the West Germans, 5 for the Poles/Soviets, and 2 each for the USMC and Dutch. I wrapped up painting last evening and took pics this morning since mother nature is playing nice with sunlight today.

The lot of 'em. I put the colored blocks on their bases to match the color identifiers on my MSH stands.

West Germans

A couple of very sunny Humvees for the Marines


 Poles, including two representatives from the Naval Assault Regiment I recently finished.

And two more for the Warsaw Pact.

As usual, the micro armor was fun to paint and didn't last nearly long enough on the painting table! We'll give these guys a try soon enough.

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