06 January 2018

Happy New, Southern Style

Hi all. I hope everyone is have a good New Year thusfar. Mine has been nice - the added excitement of the Winter Storm has made it quite memorable.

Wednesday morning it started with the freezing rain and by early afternoon it was a proper snow! Now, maybe once every 4-5 years we get snow flurries in Savannah, but the last time we had snow stick  to the ground was 1989 so this is "big doin's" down here. There is still a good bit of snow in my backyard, as of Saturday morning. My kids who've never really dealt with snow have really enjoyed it.

For NYE, a couple came over and "us grownups" played board games during the evening.

Dennis brought Bob Ross - Art of Chill Game. It's rather unusual but quite good. I'd happily play it any time.

After two games of that, we played Robots 💓Ice Cream.
This game was developed by a friend of my sister. It's a cooperative game in which the players work to defeat the Space Invaders-style robotic invasion of Earth. I've played it a handful of times and it's good fun.

My brushes haven't been idle - I broke the Blood and Plunder guys back out for some more painting and actually completed eight! Typically anything larger than 20mm is a real speedbump for me, but with the weird weather and work schedule, I was able to make it happen.

Marins and Boucaniers without the flash...

And with the flash. They're still glossy - I need to run up to Michael's an pick up some Dullcote. When I was sharing pics with Mike and Dave (as we often do while we're painting) David got the bug and ordered a box of Spanish, so maybe there'll be some B&P in the near future?

I also got in a game of X-Wing with the Youngling. Poe vs. two seat fillers. A seat-filler finished off Poe when Poe lost focus. Old age and treachery wins again!

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